Family-owned global food business
      Forty-three years of experience
      Major supplier to wholesalers, hotels, restaurants,
  grocery stores, and the U.S Military

Richmond Wholesale corporate headquarters
 in Richmond, California

e are committed to providing our customers with personal service, extensive inventories, 98% fill rates, top quality, and competitive pricing. Richmond Wholesale was established in 1959 by Werner and Jeanne Doellstedt–both remain the principal owners, and are actively involved in the business.
We are one of the largest West Coast distributors of frozen, chilled, and dry food products serving California, Hawaii, Pacific Islands, Pacific Rim, and the United States Government worldwide (prime vendors, embassies, and commissaries).

  ur vast assortment of inventory, and our prompt personal service allow us to ship on a moment's notice. These features, and our superior fill rate (98% or better) have earned us a reputation as one of the best distributors of food products on the West Coast. We continually promote new and exciting items to our customers.
  Samples are always available for testing by our customers. Providing premium quality goods and service to match have always been a top priority, resulting in our steady growth over the past forty-three years. Our attention to detail is exceptional, and we gladly guarantee all sales and products.

Richmond Wholesale’s state-of-the-art
distribution facility in Richmond, California

  First-class personal service
Competitive pricing
Full-service solution
Dedicated account executives
State-of-the-art warehouse and computer systems
Unsurpassed quality control with in-house inspectors
Over 10,000 line items of frozen, chilled, and dry products
Vast inventories in strategic locations for shipping on a moment's notice
Guaranteed satisfaction


Inspector testing for leanness, size, weight, and trim
-–guaranteeing the product meets requirements